All applications for our services are available online via the online applications portal.

Alternatively, if you prefer to use a downloadable form please follow these five easy steps to fill out and send your applications to us:

Step 1
Download the application you require from the list below.

Step 2
Enter your information into the application.

Step 3
Save a copy of your application using the “File -> Save as…” command at the top of your screen.

Step 4
Print and sign the application.

Step 5
Fax to +61 7 3231 8955 or email to the application with any attachments to CGW Structures.

Are you looking for these applications? Please visit the Cooper Grace Ward website.

  • Application and consents for establishment of a public company limited by guarantee
  • Application for 7 year unsecured facility agreement
  • Application form for binding death benefit nomination
  • Application for change of trustee
  • Application for limited recourse borrowing trust (super fund borrowing)
  • Application for negative gearing trust
  • Application for registration of business name
  • Application for registration of trade mark
  • Application for superannuation fund deed update or change of trustee
  • Application for superannuation pension
  • Application for trust deed update